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66fit D3D Orthotic Insoles


The D3D Orthotic Insole is tailored to the dynamic pressure measurement calculations from footscan technologies, and is therefore specified by the dynamic functioning of the foot.

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£25.50 £6.00
Product Description


    The D3D Orthotic Insole is tailored to the dynamic pressure measurement calculations from footscan technologies, and is therefore specified by the dynamic functioning of the foot.

    This has been a revolution in orthotic prescription. Suitable for Men and Womens shoes.

    Benefits of Performance Insole:
    The foot is a fantastic auto-support mechanism for your body. When you over pronate or have low arches, the system fails. This failure leads to a misalignment of your body resulting in pain in almost any part of you. Performance insoles from RSscan move your foot back to its natural position improving posture relieving many chronic complaints keeping your feet comfortable every step of the day.

    Orthotics have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of and rehabilitate injuries such as; heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, calf strain, knee damage and postural back pain. Performance orthotics can help relieve foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip and back pain and reduce fatigue by realigning the body.

    What happens to the foot?
    As your arch flattens from excessive pronation your heel position changes, putting increased pressure on the inside of your heel. As a result;
    1. Flat or excessively pronated feet are left unstable with no secure platform for propulsion and no shock absorption.
    2. Flat feet also causes the big toe not to bend properly resulting in pain both at the big toe joint and plantar fascia leading to painful heels, arches and hammer toe deformities.
    3. Flat feet also twist the lower leg inward altering the kneecap position and damaging the leg muscles and knee cartilage, causing pain on the inner edge or front of the knee.

    Why is performance insole so good?
    While most shoe inserts are designed around a theoretical natural position the performance orthotic is a replacement insole uniquely designed, using Olympic athletes, to support the dynamic running and walking foot.

    Your performance orthotic is contoured to cradle the heel, while its ergonomically designed arch provides superior support and comfort allowing your foot to absorb the shock of walking and running by restoring the natural balance of your foot function.

    Insole Options
    BLUE one lighter insole providing high level shock absorption, specifically designed to fit any job, form normal walking to high level athletics. Suitable for people of up to 79kg or needing superior cushioning.

    RED one specifically produced for high impact sports such as basketball and for people over 80kg, maintaining your foot structure under greater pressure.

    Recommended for every day and sports shoe, including outdoor footwear, Performance orthotics are designed to withstand increased and prolonged repetitive forces.

    The D3D functional design includes:
    1. A deep heel cup to stabilise movements at the heel and ankle
    2. A unique lift to stabilise the end of heel stance and reduce the degree of pronatory moment as the foot enters mid-stance.
    3. Ergonomically designed arch support specific to the moving foot, lifting and supporting both the entire arch profile.
    4. Increased mid-foot support along the length of the inside and outside of the foot.
    5. A "met' dome" to improve the integrity of the transverse metatarsal arch in the forefoot, reducing peak pressures and friction under the ball of the foot.

    Two distinct types of Performance orthotic exist;

    a) Blue Performance (for sports applications) Medium density EVA, this orthotic weighs 50grams.
    b) Red Performance (for people with a higher body mass or higher impact sports) Medium / High density EVA , this orthotic weighs 60grams

    Both types come in sizes 3 -12 and three different arch heights; please read the information below to ensure you obtain the correct insole.

    1. F (low arch height)
    2. FN (low - normal arch height with added arch support)
    3. N (for high arch) to accommodate a variety of foot types.

    Price shown if for a pair of D3D Insoles
    Foot Arch Height
    To determine your foot arch height, simply read the information below and also look at the image above which will show you how to determine the type of insole your require.

    Flat Arch: If you find it difficult to slide a finger under the middle of your foot and if your arch on your right / left foot seems to be touching the ground in the mid-foot, your foot type is FLAT and you require the 'F' type

    Normal Arch: If you find you can slide a finger under the middle of your foot and if you can see a small gap between the ground and foot, your foot type is FLAT/NORMAL and you require the 'FN' type.

    High Arch: If you can with ease put a finger under the middle of your foot and if you can see a curve on your right / left foot, your foot type is HIGH and you require the 'N' type.


    Additional Information

    Packaging Colour Box
    Packed Weight (kg) 0.3500
    Net Weight 0.3
    Dimensions 4.5cmx33cmx12cm (WxLxH)
    Material(s) No
    Brand Right Stride
    Made In United Kingdom
    DVD Included N/A
    PDF Download No
    1. Good buy! Review by Graeme Pescud

      Easy online service, arrived quickly, easy fit, and very comfortable... (Posted on 19/07/2015)

    2. Great Purchase Review by Simon

      I ordered these orthotics whilst waiting for my custom made ones to arrive. I didn't really notice a major change whilst wearing them (well a sore neck), as I was recovering from a knee issue that was a result of my horrible gait, and over the next two weeks I noticed a slight improvement and far less leg pain than normal.
      After a few weeks I went back to a standard pair of work loafers, and the change was almost immediately noticeable, in that my hip started to ache, my knee seemed to get sore, and this was with minimal millage. As a result I've ordered another pair, to remove the need to keep moving them from shoe to shoe.
      Highly recommended product, and good service from physio supplies. (Posted on 30/07/2014)

    3. , Review by angela iannella

      So far so good - no complaints from son and certainly would have heard if not comfortable. Saved the expense of rigid orthotics. (Posted on 02/04/2014)

    4. Excellent product and service Review by Unnamed

      My physio first prescribed these, following plantar fasciitis and they are excellent. THey are supportive without being too rigid (my feet hate rigid )as they are not hard plastic. Also v.v. good service and advise from Physio Supplies. Excellent all r (Posted on 07/09/2012)

    5. Own 3 pairs Review by Edmund

      and bought another 2. They are v comfortable and also v hardwearing. Can't go wrong
      (Posted on 17/11/2011)

    6. just the thing Review by lorna

      Advised to buy for my son by a physiotherapist. Less complaints from my son regarding walking and he thinks they're very comfortable to wear. He does struggle to remove them between shoes but does and they haven't split or smell after PE etc. a good buy! (Posted on 13/07/2011)

    7. Great product and comfortable Review by Priya

      Great product...recommended by my physio and I only got them a week before I ran the London Marathon but they were very comfortable and now I use them in all my running shoes.
      (Posted on 27/04/2011)

    8. excellent and do the job Review by Ken

      Found them very comfortable and supportive.
      (Posted on 31/03/2011)

    9. Happy Review by Frances Dickens

      I was very pleased with the swift despatch of this item
      (Posted on 22/09/2010)

    10. Very Good Insoles Review by Owen Davies

      Bit of background about myself- my arches are completely collapsed. These insoles give me the support that i need and are extremely comfortable. Ive brought 2 pairs and have them in my trainers for sports and also in my everyday shoes. Will wear them for life! (Posted on 10/08/2010)

    11. Work well, a perfect fit and comfortable too. Review by Ian

      These arrived quickly and are just what I needed. The fit is very good and the support is just enough to help my painful feet without digging into the insole as some other supports have done. One benefit with these is that a bit of double-sided tape on the bottom allows me to use them in my sandals - nice! (Posted on 01/07/2010)

    12. Good product - Review by Unnamed

      Box arrived badly crushed. However, product inside was in good condition. This item is best used in trainers as would not fit in my normal shoes. It is however a very good Insole.

      (Posted on 19/05/2010)

    13. Good support Review by Jacqueline Milton

      Gave very good support, particularly to arch. Would like a little more cushioning on heel part for my problem which is plantar fasciitis, so heel is tender. Would say very good for fallen arches.
      (Posted on 24/03/2010)

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