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  • shaped to fit your regime

    True fitness is all or nothing. 66fit is for people who measure themselves
    against their own expectations, and then exceed them. It is a range of
    products and a state of mind. And both are shaped to fit your regime.

  • Education

    At 66fit, we believe that the science of exercise is of primary importance. Quite simply, doing it right means doing it better. The ‘Education’ range of products should be the first port of call for sports professionals, physiotherapists and anyone interested in state-of-the-art educational aids.

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  • Comfort

    Nothing should stand in the way of living life to the full – when you need it, and how you need it. Our range of ‘Comfort’ products has been created to give you the support you demand when you are coming back from injury or dealing with a physical condition. These aids will ensure maximum reward for the effort you put in, no matter the circumstances.

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  • Massage

    Physical exercise is demanding – but only if you are doing it right. To ensure that you remain in peak condition, we’ve assembled a collection of ‘Massage’ products to smooth the way to rewarding workouts. Their therapeutic properties will ensure optimal recovery from heavy training and help you look after your body.

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  • Restart

    Sometimes everyone needs to pick up the gauntlet again and get back to physical exercise. Your training might have been interrupted by illness, injury, pregnancy or a host of other reasons. The important thing is getting back to your regime – and our ‘Restart’ products will help you attain your mobility and fitness.

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  • Exercise

    Imagine a gym, comprehensively stocked with an arsenal of equipment designed for maximum effect. That just about sums up our ‘Exercise’ range, which has everything necessary for the sports hall, the swimming pool and the home. From floor mats to weighted bars, from hula hoops to kick boards, the only thing we don’t provide is your motivation.

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  • Training

    These products deliver serious support for the serious sports enthusiast. Our ‘Training’ range has been carefully put together to offer a good selection of proven exercise accessories. But it also helps you to attain new levels of speed, strength and agility with the very latest that sports product development has to offer.

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